ADVET-EH Injection

Composition :

-Each ml contains : 

Vitamin A 

Vitamin D3

Vitamin E Acetate

Vitamin H [ Biotin ] 

Presentations : Glass Vial of 10 ml


Composition :

-Each ml contains : 

Vitamin A (as Palmitate ) IP – 250000 I.U.

Vitamin D3 IP – 25000 I.U.

Vitamin E Acetate IP – 100 I.U.

Vitamin H [ Biotin ] USP -12.5 mcg

Presentations : Glass Vial of 10 ml

Descriptions :

Indications :

-Is specially indicated for maintaining the growth, production, and Lactation of farm animals
-It helps in growth of reproductive organs. It is useful for the treatment of infertility
-It maintains the pregnancy. It is also useful as a supportive therapy in General Debility, and Stress

-It regulates Lactation


Dosage & Administration :

-Large Animals: 5 ml per day for prophylaxis.10 ml for treatment
-Small Animals: 1-2 ml. / day as prophylaxis 2 -4 ml for treatment.
-To be given on alternate days for 2 weeks and should be repeated after 4 weeks if needed

-For I.M. use only


Treatment & Care : ADVET-EH Injection 

Withdrawal Period :

Storage : Store in a Cool & Dry place, Protected from sunlight 



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