BTAPHOS-12 Injection

Composition :

Each ml contains :


Presentation : 30  & 100 ml 


Composition :

Each ml contains :

-Butaphosphan – 100 mg.
-Cyanocobalamin IP –  50 mcg.

Presentation : 30  & 100 ml  

Description : Butaphosphan + Vitamin B12 Injections are widely used for curing the metabolic disorders in animals such as goat, sheep, and cattle resulting from poor nutrition, inadequate management or diseases.

The injections are recommended in the developmental and nutritional disorders in young animals resulting from diseases during the period of growth, metaphylaxis of infertility and puerperal diseases and support of sterility treatment.

Butaphosphan + Vitamin B12 Injections are also used in the treatment of tetanus and pareses, in addition to calcium and magnesium therapy, as support of muscular physiology, as an effective tonic in cases of stress, over-exertion, exhaustion, and reduced resistance. 

Indications :

-Stress Conditions
-Pica ( Due to Phosphorus deficiency)
-Adjunctive therapy in ketosis
-Supportive therapy for increasing muscular efficiency in horses

Dosage & Administration : 

Cattle, Horse, Camel : 10-25 ml.
-Calf : 5-12 ml.
-Sheep & Goat : 2.5-5 ml

-By I.M./I.V. or S.C. route

Treatment & Care  :

Withdrawal Period :  Meat : 7 days & Milk – Nil    

Storage : Store in a Cool & Dry & Dark place, Protect from direct sunlight. 


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