GVOBEX Injection


Vitamin B Complex Liver Extract with Vitamin B12 Injection 

Presentation : 30 & 100 ml.


Composition :

-Each ml contains 

Thiamine HCl -10 mg, 

Riboflavin – 3 mg, 

Niacinamide – 100 mg, 

Vitamin  B12 – 10 mcg & 

Liver Injection Crude – 0.66 ml

[ Having Vitamin B12 activity eq. To 2 mcg of Cyanocobalamine per ml ]

Presentation : 30 & 100 ml.

Description : Minerals & Vitamins are essential for the proper operation of several physiological functions. Liver Extract with B-Complex  can be used in liver disorders like Hepatitis, Jaundice, Fatty degeneration, parasitic anemia, Chronic diarrhoea, General weakness & Emaciation. Also as an adjuvant in liver fluke infestation in Sheep, Goat & Cattle.

B complex vitamins are involved in energy production, digestive and liver function, and blood production. Hard working animals may benefit from supplementary B complex vitamins.

Indications :

-Non-specific anorexia and off feed conditions, Liver disorders, Hepatitis and Jaundice, Gastrointestinal diseases and disturbed gut microflora, Nervous Disorders, Debility and general weakness, Parasitic and general and blood protozoan diseases, Supportive therapy with Antibiotics

Dosage & Administration :

-Large Animals: 10 ml daily for 3 days
-Small Animals: 2-5 ml daily for 3 days

Treatment & Care  :

Withdrawal Period :

Storage : Store in a Cool & Dry place, Protect from direct sunlight. 



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