NURO-MAX VET Injection

Composition :

Each ml contains:

-Pyridoxine HCL 

Presentation : 30 ml 


Composition :

Each ml contains:

-Methycobalamin IP – 500 mcg.
-Pyridoxine HCL IP – 50mg.
-Nicotinamide IP – 50 mg.

Presentation : 30 ml  

Description : Methylcobalamin, pyridoxine & nicotinamide are very much required for integrity of the nervous system and for normal liver functioning. This Injection also act as a general tonic to animals.

Indications :

-Neuronal disorders like lameness & improper growth
-Energizes animal in weak & debilitating conditions
-Supportive therapy in milk fever & ketosis
-Fastens recovery after illness

Dosage & Administration :

-Small Animals : 5 ml.daily I.M/I.V.
-Large animals : 5-10 ml. daily I.M/I.V.
– 30 ml.

Treatment & Care  :

Withdrawal Period :

Storage: Store in a Cool & Dry & Dark place, Protect from direct sunlight. 


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