PROTEX-G Medicated Soap

Composition : Permethrin – Medicated Soap

Presentation : Available in 75 gm. T.F.M. – 76 % [ Grade 1 ]


Composition : Permethrin – 5.0% w/w

Presentation : Available in 75 gm. T.F.M. – 76 % [ Grade 1 ]

Indication :

-All type wounds including  deep-seated (FMD) wounds, surgical wounds, traumatic wounds.

– For dermatomycosis, ringworms, Candidiasis manage

– Maggot infested wounds & broken horns.

Direction For Use :

Wet coat with luke warm water. Apply and lather PROTEX-G over the entire body. Allow 10 minutes of contact time. Rinse thoroughly with water. Protects and provides good residual efficacy. PROTEX – G is in the control of ticks other pets and provides nursing bitches


Precautions :

For topical use only
Keep lather away from eyes

Storage : Protect from direct sunlight. Store at a room temperature


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