Composition :

Veterinary Ayurvedic Spray

Presentation : 100 ml Spray


Composition :

-Devdar oil – 15 %
-Nimba oil  -7.50 %
-Hari cha oil – 2 %
-Karanj oil  – 5 %
-Kapoor oil – 5 %
-Tailapatra oil – 2 %
-Haridra oil – 0.25 %
-Tulsi oil – 0.40 %

Presentation : 100 ml Spray

Indication :

-It ensures wide spectrum of protection against causative agents.

-It has powerful Maggoticial, Fly-repellent & Anti-inflammatory property. Hence it keeps wounds free from maggot infestation & re-infestation including  deep-seated (FMD) wounds, surgical wounds, traumatic wounds & thereby helps in faster wound healing.

– For dermatomycosis, ringworms, Candidiasis manage

-Effective in treating all kinds of wounds, fungal & viral infections on skin.

Direction For Use :

-Clean the affected area by the cotton  & spray the required quantity twice daily until the complete cure is achieved OR as advised by the Veterinarian.


Precautions :

-Avoid contact with eyes

-Do not inhale while spraying

-Keep in a cool and dark place & away from direct sunlight

-Keep away from children

-Do not expose to temperature exceeding 50 degree C


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