VETPLEX Injection


High Potency Vitamin B Complex Veterinary Injection

Presentation : 30 ml & 100 ml 


Composition :
Each ml contains :

-Thiamine HCL IP – 33.3 mg.

-Riboflavine Sodium Phosphate IP – 1.66 mg

-Pyridoxine HCL IP –  3.3 mg

-Nicotinamide IP – 33.3 mg
-Cyanocobalamin IP -33.3 mcg

-D-Panthenol IP –  1.66 mg.

Presentation : 30 ml & 100 ml 

Description : This Vitamin B Complex is a high-potency injectable used to provide treatment for multiple B-complex deficiencies in cattle, sheep and swine in addition to providing supplemental nutritional vitamins.

Indications :

-Nonspecific Anorexia & off feed conditions.
-Liver disorders, Hepatitis and Jaundice.
-Recover the fast Gastro Intestinal Diseases & disturbed gut microflora.
-Debility& General weakness.
-Parasitic, General & Blood protozoan diseases.
-Supportive therapy with Antibiotics.
-Nervous disorders.

Dosage & Administration :

-Large Animal 10 ml. daily for 3 days.
-Small animal 2-5 ml. daily for 3 days.

Treatment & Care  :

Withdrawals Period :

Storage : Store in a Cool & Dry place, Protect from direct sunlight. 



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