X-GON Solution

Composition : Each ml contains :

-Flumethrin – 10 mg.

Presentation : 15 ml & 50 ml Bottle.



Composition :

Each ml contains :

-Flumethrin – 10 mg.

Presentation : 15 ml & 50 ml Bottle.


Indication : 

Powerful & Safe Ectoparasiticide Pour on.

-For control & management of all tick species including strains resistant to carbamates , amidines , chlorinated hydrocarbons,  organo-phosphates &  organochlorine group of insecticides.


Dosage & Application : 

-Squeeze and apply X-GON  1 ml/10 kg. body weight evenly along mid line of back from front of shoulder to tail head.

Contra Indications:

Treatment of lambs less than one week of age or treatment of animals during hot weather should be avoided. Not to be applied on the tail region of the lambs because this could interfere with ewe-lamb recognition.


Withdrawl Period : Meat Cattle: 3 days Sheep, Goats and Pigs: 7 days

Warning / Precautionary Measures :

-Keep out of reach of children & uninformed person. 

-Avoid contact with skin & mucous membrane in case of accidental contamination, wash immediately and thoroughly with soap and water.

-Do not smoke, eat or drink while handling the product.

-Skin reactions may occur in a small percentage of cases. If this happens, wash the affected animals with soap and water.

-Remove and wash all contaminated clothing

Storage : Store at a room temperature. Protect from direct sunlight.


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